Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2012

Ljubljana Jazz Festival July 2012 | review by Nina Novak (google translate)

“Then it was time for the trio dubbed Lama (Portugal, Canada), which consists of Gonҫalo Almeida (bass),Susana Santos Silva (trumpet) and Greg Smith (drums). Their music reflected different approaches to the creation and on the border between conventional and unconventional. The tracks which blend into each other, it is not clearly defined when one ends and when it begins the next. Pretty much the role of the drums, but otherwise all three all the time literally play with different shades of sound, to create a dialogue. Special attention is also paid to kontrabasistu time preserving the role of the classical and melodious accompaniment, but it is enriched with vibrato and glissandom, making the song got a slight touch of blues.Despite the fact that the central instrument trumpet festival, would be to point out the (all) great bassist!Sound Lama despite the use of sound effects (such as. Raucous sound of old, worn, boards), remains cleaned of redundant elements, so it was also with communication. A few words about the songs and thank the Slovenian were just enough.”
Ljubljana Jazz Festival July 2012 | review by Henning Bolte

The Lama trio, with Porto-based trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, and Rotterdam-resident bassist Gonçalo Almeida and drummer Greg Smith, made its first record, Oneiros (Clean Feed, 2012). Lama played its very own form of dream-like music, effectively using various means—technically and stylistically—and demonstrated a strong command of varying dynamics. Almeida infused loops and soundscape-like electronics but also fell into a classic walking bass lines and simple, beautiful ostinatos. Smith started with a heavy bass drum beat, while switching to hand drumming at the right moments. Silva has achieved her own voice on trumpet and flugelhorn, informed by legacy artists including saxophonist Ornette Coleman and trumpeter Don Cherry, and the entire group’s performance affirmed Lama as a promising one to watch.