Bassist and composer Gonçalo Almeida (Lisbon, 1978) lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where he studied at the Rotterdams Conservatorium with Hein van Geyn, Stefan Lievestro, Marius Beets and Peter Leerdman. He has been making a mark as one of Netherlands’s most interesting new generation bass players. His projects involve the forerunners of the Dutch and Portuguese jazz scenes, bridging modern jazz, free jazz, jazzcore and free improvisation. He has shared the stage with improvisers such has Ab Baars, Balasz Pandi, Chris Speed, Carlos Zíngaro, Fred Lonberg-Holm , Jasper Stadhouders, Jorrit Dijkstra, Martin van Duynhoven, Rodrigo Amado, Tobias Klein, and Wilbert de Joode, among others.

In addition has worked with video artists, modern dancers, poets and theater makers, such as Arnold Dreyblatt, Julyen Hamilton, Rita Vilhena, and others.
Since 2008 he created LAMA trio for which he plays the role of bandleader/composer, having toured internationally and worked with guests, American Saxophonist Chris Speed and Belgium clarinettist Joachim Badenhorst, on two record releases for the label Clean Feed Records.
In 2010 created Rotterdam´s based Jazzcore trio Albatre, which combines improvisation, with blasting and powerful rhythms, been extremely active in the Netherlands, having successfully made a collaborative bridge on the New uprising Jazzcore Dutch scene, where names such as Cactus Truck, Donne & Desire, and Dead Neanderthals have been interactive.


– Michal Osowski Collective, ” Live  at White Elephant” Ayler records 2006
– Tetterapadequ, “And the missing R”  Clean Feed 2008
– Atos, “Our landscapes” Independent release 2009
– Lama, “Oneiros” Clean Feed 2011 – Atos,  “East” Trytone 2012
– Albatre, “ A Descent into the Maelstrom” 2012
– LAMA feat. Chris Speed “Lamaçal”, Clean Feed 2012
– Spinifex “ Hipsters Gone Ballistic” , Trytone 2013
– Almeida/ Dikeman/ Hadow, “O Monstro” , Creative Source Rec. 2014
– Dream and Drone Orchestra, Silent Water 2014
– SPINIFEX “Veiled” , Trytone, 2015 -SPINIFEX “ Maximus”, 2015
– Tetterapadequ “Chlopingle”, Creative Source Rec. 2015
– Almeida / Duynhoven / Klein “Vibrate in Sympathy” Clean Feed, 2015
– Albatre “Nagual”, Shhpuma 2015
– LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst , Clean Feed 2015
– ROJI “Hundred Headed Women”, Shhpum, 2015
– Tetterapadequ “ Pangatuna”, For Tune 2016
– The Attic, No Business Records, 2017
– The Selva / Clean Feed 2017

Releases on own online label Cylinder Recordings:  
(CR016) Duas Margens / Live at Pletterij  Gonçalo Almeida – doublebass// Raoul van der Weide – doublebass and objects
(CR015) OUT ROOM  Luis Lopes (guitar) / Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) / Rogier Smal (drums)    (CR014) BUKU /// SANTOS SILVA/ STADHOUDERS/ ALMEIDA/ COSTA  Susana Santos Silva (trp.) / Jasper Stadhouders (g.) / Gonçalo Almeida (db.) / Gustavo Costa (dr.)    (CR013) TETTERAPADEQU /// Descanso Del Dopo Popo  Daniele Martini : saxes / Giovanni di Domenico : pn / Gonçalo Almeida : db / João Lobo : dr.
(CR012) JANGADAS  Gonçalo Almeida( double bass & loops) //// Rutger Zuydervelt (electronics & objects)
(CR011) Earcinema  Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) / Raoul van der Weide (doublebass, cello & objects)
(CR010) Doze Ruínas  Gonçalo Almeida(doublebass) // Rutger Zuydervelt (processing & additional sounds)
(CR009) The Creature /// John Dikeman // Gonçalo Almeida // George Hadow  John Dikeman (tenor sax.) Goncalo Almeida (dbass) George Hadow (dr.)
(CR008) DUETS  Nina Hitz (cello) // Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass)
(CR007)///Almeida// de Joode// Lonberg-Holm// Live at ZAAL 100  Goncalo Almeida(doublebass) //Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) // Wilbert de Joode (doublebass)
(CR006) Into the Grey Zone ////// Almeida / Bakker Henk Bakker – bass clarinet / Gonçalo Almeida – doublebass
(CR004) Down the Pipe Martini/Simonis/Almeida/Franco Daniele Martini (tenor sax) Lukas Simonis (guitar) Gonçalo Almeida (bass) Marco Franco (dr)
(CR003) Dialogues,Quarrels and other Conversations// Almeida/ van Wijck Duo Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) // Friso van Wijck (drums & percussion)
(CR002) Dikeman/ Lonberg-Holm/ Almeida/ Hadow John Dikeman (tenor sax) Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) Gonçalo Almeida (db.) George Hadow (dr.)
(CR001) Monologues Under Sea Level Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass)


Susana Santos Silva is a trumpeter, improviser and composer from Porto, Portugal.
In the last years she has been considered by the international press as one of the strongest emerging voices in contemporary jazz and improvised music.
With a singular approach/voice that comes out of a comprehensive spectrum of influences, from classical and contemporary music to jazz and textural sound art, she is interested in stretching the boundaries of the instrument and in exploring new ways of expression within music.
She leads her projects Impermanence and Life and Other Transient Storms (with Lotte Anker, Sten Sandell, Jon Fält and Torbjörn Zetterberg), and co-leads duos with Zetterberg (also in trio with Hampus Lindwall), Kaja Draksler, Jorge Queijo, Alexandra Nilsson, and a quartet with Christine Wodrascka, Christian Meaas Svendsen and Håkon Berre. She is also part of the LAMA trio, Torbjörn Zetterberg’s Och Den Stora Frågan and Coreto.

Selected Discography:
Life and Other Transient Storms, Clean Feed 2016
Rasengan! Barefoot Records 2016
This Love, Clean Feed 2015
The Elephant’s Journey, LAMA Clean Feed 2015
SSS Impermanence Porta-Jazz 2015
João Guimarães Zero Toap 2014
The Detour Fish, De Beren Gieren & SSS Clean Feed 2014
Adam Lane’s FTO Live in Ljubljana Clean Feed 2014
Torbjörn Zetterberg Och den stora frågan Moserobie 2014
Songs From My Backyard, SSS & Jorge Queijo Wasser Bassin 2013
Almost Tomorow, SSS & Torbjörn Zetterberg Clean Feed 2013
Mergulho, Coreto Porta-Jazz 2012
Aljamia, Coreto Porta-Jazz 2012
Lamaçal, LAMA Cleanfeed 2012
Devil’s Dress, SSS 5tet Toap 2011
Oneiros, LAMA Cleanfeed 2011


Greg Smith, born and raised in Montreal Canada, studied in the classical department at McGill University for two years before dropping out and switching to drumset.
Learned to play jazz drums by watching and listening to some of his favorites including Elvin Jones, Al Foster, Tony Williams, Jack Dejohnette.
Greg’s first jazz band was LIFE ON MARS. This band recorded and played with David Binney. In 1997 Greg moved to Holland and began composing for modern dance/ballet and film for companies in Europe.
Greg also plays different styles of music including R&B, African, and Hiphop. He recently played a concert for Bill Withers in Theatre Carre Amsterdam with Grammy nominee Ryan Shaw, Kori Withers (daughter of Bill), and Sandra St Victor (Family Stand).

all photos by Petra Cvelbar